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Professional Liability

Professional liability is an absolute must for anyone who runs a business. As a business owner or employer, you are responsible for everything that goes on within your walls-for your employees and for your clients and customers. The unexpected can always happen, and your business and livelihood are not something you want to risk to day-to-day uncertainties. BIA Insurance Agency offers a wide array of professional liability coverage options, so you will be able to find the right one for you and your business, at the right price.

While many business owners may not realize it, ANY individual or business that provides an opinion, makes recommendations, designs solutions, or offers services is liable for a professional lawsuit. No business is too small to be safe from professional liability. Professional liability insurance can help with the costs of defense, regardless of fault, and have options available for protection for judgments, court costs, and other expenses that can be incurred during professional liability cases.

Professional liability can be as minimal or as extensive as you choose to make it. Here at BIA Insurance Agency, however, we offer coverage for professional liability, products and completed operations, fire legal liability, medical payments, premises liability, employer’s liability, employee benefits liability, and employment-related practices liability.

You have already insured your building, property, and belongings; provided health insurance for your employees; and secured workers’ compensation for any potential injuries that may occur on your property. Now, it is time to insure your work itself. Do not let a lawsuit for bad advice or failed serves ruin your business. Professional liability insurance is designed to protect you from just that.

Here at BIA Insurance Agency, we offer a wide variety of professional liability insurance coverage options for you and for your business. One of our experienced and knowledgeable commercial insurance plan representatives will be happy to assist you and to help you determine what type of coverage is best for you. We are happy and eager to answer all of your questions and to help you find the best, most affordable and extensive professional liability insurance coverage for you and your business, so give us a call today.

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