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You may have insured your office building and property. You may have purchased professional liability insurance against claims of bad advice. You may have purchased liability insurance that covers your work as a contractor or home installation specialist. You may have even insured your company against sexual harassment lawsuits and bad employee behavior. This is all responsible and sensible, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Sometimes lawsuits can come in the most unlikely of places-from something you did not think you needed to insure. For this, BIA Insurance Agency offers general liability insurance for you and your business.

Whether you run a world-class corporation, or you sell freshly-baked goods out of your home, a business needs to be protected from the lawsuits that may arise from your services. Maybe you insured your building, but if a customer burns himself or herself on a hot cup of coffee, building insurance will not cover you. In this case, it is always a good idea to purchase general liability insurance, in case of the unexpected.

You may purchase general liability insurance on its own, as a part of a business-owner’s policy (BOP). A BOP groups property and liability (and sometimes other forms of liability insurance for which you may be eligible) as one package. This is convenient, but often results in lower coverage limits. Businesses that need more coverage are encouraged to purchase liability packages separately, so that they may be tailored to meet the business’s needs individually.

The amount of coverage your business needs is dependent on a few factors. First, there is perceived risk-a restaurant with an open flame grill in the middle of restaurant poses a higher risk than an ice cream shop. Secondly, liability is also determined by which state you live in. One can imagine that New York tends to see more liability lawsuits than say, South Dakota. Finally, liability insurance coverage should be tailored for your type of business. Someone who sells handcrafted pillows probably needs less liability insurance than someone who sells sit-down lawnmowers, for example.

Here at BIA Insurance Agency, we offer a wide variety of general liability insurance coverage options for you and for your business. One of our experienced and knowledgeable commercial insurance plan representatives will be happy to assist you and to help you determine what type of coverage is best for you. We are happy and eager to answer all of your questions and to help you find the best, most affordable and extensive general liability insurance coverage for you and your business, so give us a call today.

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